What I do

As a coach, I focus on working with purposeful women in leadership positions.
I will help you remove mental blocks that may be limiting you or deal with traumas that stand in the way between you and success.
I am not a theorist who will give you dysfunctional textbook solutions. I know the environment of large companies first hand. I have been working for one, Procter & Gamble, for over 10 years, so I completely understand your problems.
I myself successfully overcame similar difficulties to achieve my career and personal goals.

Certificates and Methods of Work

2011 EFT terapeut (Sindy Katayama)

2018 Integrative Life Coach (Kim Guillory)

EFT taught me to work with emotions. I learned the PUNCH line approach from Kim Guillory, a technique which will allow you to take full control of your life.
Based on my experience and therapeutic qualifications, I created a unique method of integration of emotional trauma called “P.E.T.R.A.”, Past Emotional Trauma Release Approach.
If you have trauma or obstacles in the way of your goal, we will quickly and effectively eliminate it. Satisfied clients confirm that you will achieve lasting changes when working with me. When trauma integrates, it will never return in that form.
“I have attended counseling and drowned thousands of dollars per year and it did not have the same effect as one session with you!”

Therapy and Coaching as One

Have you gotten burned while working with coaches who have not helped you to make lasting and sustainable changes?

My approach is unique in that I combine therapy and coaching. What does this mean in practice?

Let me explain using the example of tending a flowerbed.

Therapy can help rid your inner garden of the weeds that grew in it, choking the flowers, at a time when you were not caring for it. It provides the opportunity to pull out the bad memories and limiting beliefs and rid yourself of the trauma holding you back.

Through coaching you plant the new seeds that support your goals. When therapy and coaching are combined, you move forward faster. The seeds you planted flower and bloom.

“Petra’s coaching helped me to better control how I respond to certain situations. I learned to control my thoughts, my perceptions, my emotions.

It made it more actionable for me to really unleash the full potential of those in a long term and apply it all every day.”


Perception and Insight

These abilities are not often spoken of openly, but we know we have them. It exists in that gray area between intuition and the sixth sense. I have developed a keen intuition for rooting out the core issues that may be limiting your growth and success.

Furthermore, I can hold the connection to your higher self in the moments you go to the depths of your trauma, creating a safe space for its release.

One consultation with Petra helped me move forward so much faster compared to working for years with another coach and well-known psychologist. Petra is like a  gentle razor and a soft feather at the same time. She helped me cut off the tentacles of the octopus I was entangled in.”

Grow Further

The essence of my work is not to consult with you about your problems and find solutions for you. Instead, my approach is to teach you methods of working on yourself that will give you the enduring tools for you to grow freely. ‘Freedom instead of dependence,’ is my motto.

We will have a connection if you are a woman in a leadership role or in a senior management position, and have been frustrated by the enormous workload and a feeling that, despite your best efforts, you are not moving forward.

Contact me if you are ready and eager to work on yourself, I can help you achieve success in your work and personal life.