Coaching services

If you are thinking about how to move forward with your life, but are not currently dealing with any problems, follow my Facebook Page: Petra Guhlová Adams Integrative Transformation Coach.
It is a group for women who are brave enough to overcome themselves. I regularly share my incentives there for developing a new mindset.
If you have reached a point in your life where you are determined to radically change your approach to life, book yourself an individual coaching session.

Individual Coaching

I consider individual coaching to be a premium service, and I approach it that way. In addition to an hour of my full attention, you will gain experience and practical information on how to work with your mind.
One-time 60-minute individual consultation via Zoom, WhatsApp, etc.: $ 140.
Based on my experience, I recommend a minimum of 4 sessions to reach a deeper understanding of recommended techniques and to ensure a permanent effect.
Therefore, I’ve created a package of four 60 minute sessions each week. Instead of $560, you pay only: $500.

Success Journey

12 weeks transformation program

The program includes:

  • 1 × weekly individual coaching consultation (12 × 1 h)
  • 3 × messenger support between consultations
  • Creating and sending a guided personalized meditation

During the course:

  • I will teach you techniques that will last you a lifetime,
  • Perform highly effective signature trauma integration therapy to remove the blocks that hold you back.
  • Guide you to your higher potential through techniques of Energy Breakthrough Method®.

What you get:

  • confidence in yourself and your intuition
  • connection to your inner self
  • emotional stability in crisis
  • ability to separate inner guidance from subconscious programs
  • effectivity and confidence in decision making
  • improved relationships
  • energetic level up which will create stability and comfort in your personal growth 
  • tools and techniques to help you freely create your own life and achieve long-term success.
Price: $1730

How much will it cost not to change anything?

Fair Warning: Significant changes in your life will not happen just because we spend a few hours of coaching together. In order to achieve long-term changes in your life, you must continue to apply the techniques over the long-term. I will give you the tools and can show you how to succeed, but your success will ultimately lie in your own hands.

With the VIP package, there is an expectation that you are determined and dedicated to carry out long-lasting change. During the boot camp you will work on yourself and fulfill the assigned tasks. If you miss a week, the consultation will be canceled without compensation.