Petra Guhlová:

Coaching for Women in Leadership Positions
Do you know the state of mind after a long day from work? When you arrive home exhausted, underappreciated, in a mood and with no energy?
The days when you ask yourself, “Do I really want to live my life like this?”  The days when you come home and know that you will even dream about work … And it will not be a happy one!
I know them very intimately. Those days when I gave my all at work, and my personal life suffered, and no matter what it still was not enough.

There were days when I asked myself:

“Can a woman have a successful career in a leadership position? And still also have a happy family life?”

I know now the answer is, “She can.”

I myself am an example. And I’ll show you how you can do it too.

I help women

in leadership positions find and process self-limiting beliefs to enable them to achieve their goals in both their personal and professional life. We can have it both ways.

Together, we will find ways to overcome the self-limiting beliefs that have stood in the way of your happiness at work and your personal life. I am certified Integrative Life Coach with years of experience. If the reason for your problems is traced to a trauma, we can eliminate it quickly and effectively together. I have developed a technique I call, “Soul Integration,” a process that will quickly, effectively and permanently let you say goodbye to your trauma.

I’ve always worked in the corporate world. I started in a base position and every day I worked hard hoping my dedicated efforts would be noticed and I would be rewarded by my superiors. Once my work life started advancing, my personal life started falling apart. When I was happy in my personal life, I suffered at work. My dream promotion still did not come, and my frustration only increased.

No matter how hard I worked, no one appreciated me. Simply no one, do you understand?


One day I realized

that the change I wanted would not come from the outside; that I would have to make it myself. I had to be the first person to see myself as a worthy, great, intelligent, effective and valuable person. Once I started seeing my value, others started to see it too.

Within a few weeks, my dream promotion came. Based on that promotion, I was transferred to the US, where I was promoted again shortly after. And so, within a short time, I went from an unhappy, middle manager in the Czech Republic to a senior management position in America.

In addition, I have become the company’s trainer at their Global Leadership Academy, where I now train executives on how to effectively coach their staff and subordinates.

Thanks to intensive work on myself, I now have a successful career and a fulfilling personal life.

I realized that while emotional intelligence is a key trait necessary for career and personal growth, programs to develop this skill in a corporate environment are lacking.

That’s why I decided to pass on my knowledge and experience to other women. Using these skills, I have reached a leading position in a corporate company in America. With these skills, how far can you go?

I’m not a full-time coach. I continue to work in the corporate world to stay in touch with reality. I perceive individual coaching as a luxury service and that is exactly how I approach. Write to me at: coach@petraguhlova.com and we will arrange a session.