Petra Guhlová:

Coaching for Women in Leading Positions

The right inner mindset will help your career more than external ones.
Let´s work on it together.

As a woman, do you have to choose?

As a woman, do you have to choose between a promising career and a happy personal life, or can you have both?
The answer will make you happy. You have a right to be happy at home and at work. I found the balance myself and I can show you how.
You can do it too. 

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I will not tell you what to do. Only you yourself can find the way that will lead you to the results you desire—because only you know best what you need.

Mindset Boot Camp

I Create my Success – 2-month transformational program that will take you on a journey toward inner freedom, self-confidence and a connection to your inner self.
As a coach, I focus on working with motivated women in leadership positions. During our session you will discover and remove any mental blocs limiting your success. You will also work out the traumas that stand in the way between you and your success. We can reach great results through combining therapy and coaching.

What my clients say


“Petra’s coaching was amazing. She helped me realize that most of the things that stood in my way were my thoughts and that there were concrete steps I could take to start living a full life.

I have started taking those steps and I haven’t felt this grounded in years.”

Jitka Hiscox

“Petra, meeting with you has changed my way of thinking. One of the biggest breakthroughs that I had was choosing to not assume the details of a situation, but to instead overcome my discomfort of asking direct questions to understand the truth of the matter. Thank you so much for opening this new door in my life!”

Amber Porter

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